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To say bang for your buck is an understatement. Large letters can take a company name or tag line from boring 2-dimensional signs to a creative interactive 3- dimensional statement piece.

The letter process from start to finish.

From a production standpoint there are a few steps to making the perfect oversized letter. First there is the material of the letter itself. Is it going to be constructed of wood or maybe foam? This depends upon the letter shape. Second there is prepping for paint, fillers, sanding, and perfection. Next, we move on to the paint, the step that will cause these letters to stand out and grab everyone’s attention. You might think you are finished at that point, but the most important step comes last…. how on earth do we transport an “F” that is five feet tall? Very carefully! This final step is where creativity and experience come into play.





Large 3-dimensional stand-alone letters are a great way to utilize what the client already has, to create a dynamic event. Whether the company name, a tag line, or catch phrase is used, oversized letters allow the words to do the talking…so to speak.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to colors, from paint to stage lighting a company’s signature color (no matter how far out of the rainbow) helps complete the custom letters look. At the end of the show or event these letters can be a great permanent addition to a corporate office or sales show room.




All Photo Credit-Selby Sullivan