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Jurassic World - Scenicworks

Photo Credit- www.daveandbusters.com

“These creatures were here before us….and if we are not careful they will be here after”

Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm

This project was a creature of its own. From the cold aluminum, the finished product came alive with the addition of LED lights, custom acrylic glass inserts, and a “skin” of black power coating.

Photo Credit- Selby Sullivan

The building blocks of this project where brought to Scenicworks in December 2017 with the final completed creature leaving our docks in June 2018. Our welding department put together a prototype that literally grew before our eyes. As the months moved, on the Jurassic World project started to take shape and additional hands where needed to handle the growing creature that this project had become. Our welding team grew, and every person, from the office staff to the painter, can be credited with assisting to make the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom virtual reality ride for Dave and Buster’s a success.

Photo Credit-www.daveandbuster.com

Photo credit- Jurassic World the movie press release

Just like the “Indoraptor” from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, this finished creature had its own DNA. Each piece was individually cut, each shape welded, and these shapes then came together to form the final piece. But there was more to be done. A trip to the powder coaters for the black “skin”, before our team got to work installing the LED tape, wiring harnesses, and 1/2” clear acrylic, which was cut in house on our CNC cutting table. As the final cover was added to each of the 138 units that we completed, a small victory was felt throughout Scenicworks. Each time that distinctive sound, like the roar of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex echoing through our shop, it was a reminder that the months of planning, welding, re- planning, cutting, and weekend work were worth the finished creature. The finished product was paired with the virtual reality ride and sent to their final homes at more than 125 Dave and Buster’s locations across the country.